How Can Massage Therapy Help?

Massage therapy has been a form of physical recuperation treatment and relaxation enhancement for years, benefiting everyone from athletes to physically injured patients and people trying to manage chronic pain. As a result, massage therapy has moved from what used to be a luxury at high end health clubs or spas to an everyday clinical approach in many communities and medical provider networks.

The benefits of massage therapy range from immediate muscle tension relief to long-term stress management and pain removal. Most folks who engage in a massage therapy the first time ask themselves why they didn’t start sooner once they realize the benefits it offers.

What Is Involved​

Fundamentally, massage therapy is a physically applied process that involves pressure, manipulation, and deep movement of muscle tissue. The therapy approach varies, depending on what kind of treatment needs to be applied to a given patient. Common categories of approach include:

  • Swedish technique – This approach is a slow-moving long session therapy where the focus is on inducing the patient to relax and rest. Circle pressure movement, vibration, kneading, and deep manipulation are used to encourage physical relaxation. Patients are often rested and energized after a full session.
  • Deep massage approach – With an intentional approach of forceful and deep pressure application, muscles and connecting points are pushed and relaxed to force circulation enhancement through the affected areas. New patients argue this feels like they are being slowly mashed, but in reality, their bodies are being stimulated to respond to the area and increase healing.
  • Sports massage technique – There is not much difference between this application and Swedish technique except that the emphasis is on sports performance and working the areas of the body that the athlete needs for that performance.
  • Trigger area or point massage – This is a targeted approach that works on specific areas that are often cramped or tightened up, usually due to injury or too much repetitive use by the same muscle and ligament group.

Make a Change for You

Many traditional offices simply advise patients to adjust their life to limitations or consider basic inflammation pharmaceuticals bought over the counter, but these options don’t really address the problem. There’s no reason for you to deal with chronic pain or misaligned muscle conditions making life a challenge to get through the day.

Massage therapy can go a long ways towards improving your overall health outlook as well as how you live. If you’re looking for quality medically-oriented massage therapy in Florida, our office can help. Spine and Injury Associates serve communities and patients in Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Haines City, Plant City, Lissimmee, Poinciana, Winter Haven, Ocala, and the greater Central Florida area.